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Coaching on Power Skills.

Soft Skills are not Soft anymore.

It’s your Power.

Coaching on Ways of Working.

Identify your WoW for the Team.

Evolve. Everything will fall into place.

People First. Your Team is the Brain of your Project.

Put people in the correct place.

Processes will follow.

Conquer vulnerabilities.

Continuous improvement mindset is the key

to succeed in fast paced, dynamic project requirements.

Our Services

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Your Journey With Us

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Analyse to understand

It doesn’t matter if you’re an organization or an individual looking at this, trying to understand where the skill gap is, or why your projects are not successful as you need them to be, or if you are looking to implement new technology to support your project management teams,

We got you covered. Get in touch with us for an initial chat and let’s dive deeper together to understand the requirements clearly.


Identify the root cause

In our initial short session, we will assist you to understand the actual problem area of your team, organization and recommend our services accordingly to best suit you. If required, we will recommend having a session with your team or other stakeholders to further understand the problem areas as well.

Once we have finally identified the root cause, we will then work together with you to help you and your team evolve from where you are currently to a higher and better position in terms of project success.


Reflect and Review

We will then review the final recommendations with you to seek your agreement to proceed and will explain the benefits and expected outcome.

Upon your confirmation, we will execute enrolments for coaching, project management support, or any of our other services based on your selection and agreement.


Implement and Improve continuously

We will not leave our clients stranded after our initial encounters. We will support you along the way with your new implementations.

We will provide follow-up sessions, refresher trainings and any other updates that may be required.

Following up on the progress and consistency is key to remain successful.

At Fortior Intel, we specialize in providing expert project management and consultancy services to help organizations achieve their goals.

With a team of experienced professionals, we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions to improve efficiency and drive growth. Whether you're looking to streamline operations, expand into new markets, or optimize your team's performance, we have the skills and expertise to help you succeed.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower individuals and organizations worldwide with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully manage and deliver projects, driving innovation and achieving success in today's fast-paced business environment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver our knowledge on high-quality, pragmatic project management soft skills that equips individuals and teams to achieve project success that satisfies their stakeholders.

What we do best

We cater to different industries, different project types, different age groups based on their requirements. Let us know what you are interested at and we will guide you through.

Project Management Coaching

With over 15 years of experience in different industries, different projects, Fortior Intel’s founder, Prabuddhi Sattrukalsinghe (PMP, CSM, MSc Project management, PgD Business Psychology) brings in valuable context of latest project management soft skills through our coaching sessions that are customized to best suit your organisational needs. We focus on Power Skills and Ways of Working (according to PMI’s latest Talent Triangle) for project teams in all industries.

JIRA Implementations

Fortior Intel has partnered with a team of experts who are certified in Atlassian products that can assist you with JIRA implementations and support required through your process.
We are equipped to cater to your JIRA product requirements, Implementations, acquiring license and renewals.

SCRUM Implementations

We can work with you in the process of your SCRUM implementation to support and guide you through a smooth transition from traditional project management practices. The team led by Prabuddhi (Certified Scrum Master) will also be of assistance if you require coaching and guidance until you are established and confident in the new SCRUM environment. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to assist.

Website and App development

Fortior Intel has partnered with a team of experts are who are available at your service if you are looking to develop a new Website or a Mobile Application. We currently cater only to Small Businesses as our team’s capacity is limited. However, we are open to discuss your requirements and take it further. Feel free to get in touch with us for more details.

Executive Level Recruitment Support

Our expertise and credentials on Belbin’s Theory will be most beneficial for those HR professionals looking to hire executive level roles or promote within the organizations.
We are glad to assist through your hiring process with help of Belbin’s Reports and support you to find the best suitable candidate for the role. You may look at our




page to understand more details.

Project Proposal and Business Case Writing

Our experienced Business Analysists have immense exposure in different industries, and we are equipped to cater to your business requirements ensuring that we assist you to win your projects. We will conduct in-depth analysis on the requirement and provide you with top-notch business proposals. Get in touch with us for more details.

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We help you grow your business or yourself

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We help you grow your business or yourself

We are passionate about building project teams for success. Our aim is to enable our clients to be equipped with the most updated soft skills that are recognized to be necessities for project success based on latest industry research.

Through our range of coaching sessions for our clients, we assist to build the soft skills, whilst we also aim at providing the updated industry technology to be able to have a competitive advantage over their markets.

The additional services such as business case writing, executive recruitment with Belbin’s Reports, Team Transformations with Belbin’s Reports addresses the common ambiguities of project failures, and our objective is to avoid such uncertainties by supplying our clients with our expertise.

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