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Business Case writing

A winning business case should be able to define the project scope and an executive summary should catch the eye of the project sponsor.

We help create accurate reports and business cases with relevant research and information that is needed for you to win your project proposal.


Project Management Consultations

We specialize in implementing latest project management practices such as SCRUM framework and with the experience in IT software projects and various other industries, we help our clients to ensure their projects are delivered on schedule and budget and remain competitive in their respective markets.

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BELBIN for flawless Project Management

Projects are already complicated with dynamic requirements and demands from clients, customers, and leadership. Project team needs to understand these dynamics and be able to adapt to fully perform in capacity under minimal supervision. How will that be possible if the team is not compatible.
Find out how you can have better performing teams
using Belbin’s Theory and reports.

" Nobody is perfect, but a
team can be "

BELBIN for Selecting a Perfect Team

Belbin Team Roles measure behaviour, not personality. A Team Role is defined as: Tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way Get in touch with us to know how we can assist you to select the perfect team that will fit your project, assignment or job role.

" Nobody is perfect, but a
team can be "

BELBIN for effective Working Relationships

Don’t let your team spend time on resolving
conflicts, because that adds no value to business or project. Lets check the team
compatibility and ensure the right candidate is
assigned to the role using Belbin’s team role
theory. This health check on the team compatibility will help you save time and focus more on the real value additions.

" Nobody is perfect, but a
team can be "