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What is Belbin’s Theory

Transforming Performance of People

“A team is not a bunch of people with job titles, but a congregation of individuals, each of whom has a role which is understood by other members. Members of a team seek out certain roles and they perform most effectively in the ones that are most natural to them.”

– Dr. Meredith Belbin –

Belbin Team Roles measure behaviour, not personality. A Team Role is defined as:

Tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way

The power of Belbin Team Roles

The three distinct aspects that are vital

  • Strengthen complementarity
  • Working relationship improvement through behavior management
  • Goal congruence and moving from a group to a team

Understanding how a better working relationship between individuals and within the team, based on team role chemistry produces better collaborative working

Using team roles to recognize contribution of one another and maximizing the strengths of each

Looking at fundamental change in the way people behave, contribute and interrelate with each other for breakthrough performance

No single Team Role is more important or better than another

All team roles are present in all of us in varying degrees-Preferred Team Roles, Manageable Team Roles and Least Preferred Team Roles

There are nine team roles

All the team roles are valuable and no team role better than the other. All team roles are present in all of us in varying degrees-Preferred Team Roles, Manageable Team Roles and Least Preferred Team Roles

  • Shaper

    Challenging, dynamic, goal oriented,
    has drive and courage

    Prone to provocation and can be
    blunt and upset people

  • Implementer

    Disciplined, organised, efficient,
    turns ideas into actions

    Somewhat inflexible, slow to respond to
    new ideas and approaches

  • Completer Finisher

    Accurate, conscientious, meticulous perfectionist

    Inclined to worry unduly, reluctant to

  • Resource Investigator

    Enthusiastic, communicative, explores
    opportunities, develops contacts

    Over-optimistic, easily bored and can
    lose interest

  • Co-ordinator

    Calm, confident, clarifies goals,
    promotes joint decision making

    Can be seen as manipulative,
    off-loads personal work

  • Team Worker

    Cooperative, caring, diplomatic,
    sensitive, averts friction

    May be indecisive when faced with
    tough decisions

  • Plant

    Creative, imaginative, original, offers
    alternative approaches

    Pre-occupied by thoughts and
    may not be communicative

  • Monitor Evaluator

    Logical, analytical, discerning,
    makes decisions based on facts

    Appears slow moving, lacks drive and
    may appear uninspiring

  • Specialist

    Single minded, motivated by the
    pursuit of knowledge

    Contributes on a narrow front,
    dwells on technicalities

Applications of Belbin Team Role Theory

If you are someone looking for a change in your career, check your Belbin’s individual report to see what fits you best. If you are a hiring manager, check the candidate suitability to match the job role and attract long-term employees with the right attitude and compatibility with the team. If you are an organisation looking for restructuring the org-chart, use the Belbin’s assessments to identify the behavioural patterns of your leadership team, their preferred working styles and put-together a perfect team to boost your performance. There is more we can do with Belbin’s Report. Watch the video and get in touch with us for more details.

How will Belbin Team Roles help your organisation

Applications of Belbin Team Roles